Stop Hair Loss

How to Stop Hair Loss

We at Regrow Hair believe in preventing hair loss with our 2-Step Natural Hair Loss Treatment Plan designed to provide effective and lasting treatment to combat your hair loss and encourage natural hair growth.

Don’t leave it too late – if you are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, the sooner you start to treat your hair loss problem, the better your results will be.

Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Laser Therapy - Step 1

Low-level laser therapy stimulates the hair root, draws blood flow up to the hair follicles and helps flush out DHT that has built up in the follicle. FDA cleared as clinically proven to promote hair growth. (20 minutes just 3 times a week).

Foligain Stimulating Hair Growth Supplement - Step 2

Androgenetic Alopecia which is sensitivity to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is the major cause of hair loss in both men and women and is hereditary. Basically the hormone testosterone which both Males and Females have to varying degrees, is thought to convert to DHT by reacting with the enzyme 5 alpha reductase.

This DHT binds to and entangles in the hair roots, restricting the flow of nutrients to the hair follicle causing the hair to gradually weaken, thin and fall.

To successfully stop your hair loss and generate new hair you must control/inhibit your body’s production of DHT. Blocking DHT from the scalp is the key to ending hair loss.

Foligain Stimulating Hair Growth Supplement combines DHT blockers with natural vitamins, minerals and compounds that promote the growth of thick, healthy-looking hair. Long term use is advised for best results.

The herbal complex supplied for this treatment plan is an excellent alternative to Finasteride and can be used by both men and women. It is remarkably free of side effects or drug interactions

The decreased production of DHT allows for prevention of further hair loss and assists growth in thinning and bare areas. A decrease in the rate of fallout is usually seen after the first 6-8 weeks and actual growth is usually seen within 12-20 weeks in males and 12-16 weeks in women.

Female Hair Loss Treatment

Although an estimated 40% of women experience noticeable thinning hair or hair loss by the age of 50, many women feel alone in their search for a solution to stop hair loss as the majority of hair growth products are advertised to men. Lasers have been proven to generate new hair and the good news for women is that regular laser hair therapy (20 minutes 2-3 times per week) is probably all they will need to reverse the thinning hair process and fix their hair loss. Laser hair therapy works for 95% of women and there are no side effects.

Why attend a Hair Clinic to fix your hair loss for about $3000-$4000 for a 8-12 month course when you can treat your hair loss problem at home and save yourself a lot of money. At the end of a Hair Clinic course you still do not have your own hair laser and you will find that the results may not be lasting unless you can continue with laser hair therapy.

Most Hair Clinic courses will supply you with 5% minoxidil to be applied to the scalp topically. In New Zealand minoxidil is sold under the brand name Rogaine and can be bought from a pharmacy/chemist without a prescription. If you choose to use minoxidil (Rogaine) you will likely get better hair growth results from it when used in conjunction with laser hair therapy treatment as the hair laser makes the scalp more absorbent to topical applications.