Hairmax Hair Loss Shampoo-Hair Regrowth

Fortifies and Revitalizes

This powerful yet gentle shampoo cleanses your hair without the harsh effects of sulfates that strip essential oils from your hair.  The lower pH, purifying formula gently exfoliates your scalp and removes the build-up of sebum, styling products and environmental pollutants.

Infused with a synergestic blend of DHT blockers, anti-oxidants and therapeutic botanicals to restore balance, optimize scalp health and enhance the vitality, thickness and volume of your hair.

Formulated with 3 DHT blockers

Contains anti-oxidants and vasodilators

Lower pH formula for gentle exfoliation

Strengthens the scalp’s natural protective barrier

Safe for colour and chemically treated hair

Sulfate free, Paraben free and Gluten free.

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Hairmax Hair Loss Shampoo-Hair Regrowth
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