Androgenetic Alopecia which is sensitivity to DHT (dihydrotesterone) is the major cause of hair loss in both men and women and is hereditary. Basically the hormone testosterone which both males and females have to varying degrees, is thought to convert to DHT by reacting with the enzyme 5 alpha reductase.

This DHT binds to and entangles in the hair roots, restricting the flow of nutrients to the hair follicle causing the hair to gradually weaken, thin and fall.

To successfully stop your hair loss and generate new hair you need to control/inhibit your body’s production of DHT.

The herbal complex Foligain Supplement for Thinning Hair supplied for this treatment plan is an excellent alternative to Finasteride and can be used by both men and women. Long term use is advised for best results.

The decreased production of DHT allows for prevention of further hair loss and assists growth in thinning and bare areas of the scalp.A decrease in the rate of hair fallout is usually seen after the first 6-8 weeks and actual growth is usually seen with 12-20 weeks.